victor lito

Taking its inspiration from the traveling circuses of early 20th century, a show combining classical and modern circus acts has been created.

The eccentric, heart-warming, charismatic, sexy and ridiculous character of Victor Lito (Alon Weisman), will lead the audience through an unconventional, insane and entertaining voyage.

Suitably for a son to a long-standing family of circus artists, Victor Lito suckled on his mother’s breasts while she was flying up high on the trapeze.

He took his first steps on a loose rope with a burning torch in his hand.

These experiences made him a master of all arts of the circus, acrobatics and comedy, performed at their best.

In this interactive show, the spectators will find themselves taking part as Victor Lito stares danger right in the eyes, forcing it to blink first.

In forty minutes of laughter, special tricks, and with the character’s charm and charisma, the crowd will be left without clothes, screaming for more!

thechnical requirements:

minimal headroom: 4 meter above stage.

stage area: 5*5

sound system: with two inputs available: one jack for music and one xlr or jack for microphone.

length of show: 40 minutes in eanglish only.